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Together We Can Help You Realize Your Dream of Homeownership.

When you buy a home from Lennar, you can take comfort in knowing that our Lennar homebuilding, mortgage and title Associates are skilled at working together to ensure ease and security through each step you take toward homeownership.

Universal American Mortgage Company (UAMC) is part of Lennar Financial Services and specializes in supporting the financing needs of Lennar homebuyers. UAMC also operates as Universal American Mortgage Company of California.

Whether you are buying your first home or your fifth, our focus is to provide you with the most appropriate financing option to suit your needs.

Our mortgage professionals will be with you from the initial application, all the way through the closing on your new home. And because we are part of the Lennar family, we are fully integrated in your homebuying process, working hand-in-hand with Lennar to make closing on your home easy and worry-free.

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North American Title Company brings a strong measure of support and efficiency to the closing process, while at the same time adding lasting security by providing you with a title insurance policy on your home. North American Title Company is committed to guiding you through every step toward closing on your new home.

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Bad Credit? No Credit?

Learn the truth about credit improvement programs that get REAL results. Documented results in improving credit in 60-90 days.

Experts will share secrets on every aspect of homebuying:

  • Paying off collections can actually lower credit score
  • Maximizing opportunities to improve your credit score
  • Zero closing costs and no down payment
  • Budgeting
  • Subsidized interest rates as low as 1% to qualified buyers
  • PLUS Learn how to negotiate a mortgage with total payments that are less than rent.

Call 877-204-9839 or email today for a free initial consultation and credit report.

The Lennar Credit Counseling Program

The Lennar Credit Counseling Program is a comprehensive plan designed to accurately assess your credit history. The purpose of this system is to identify certain obstacles you may face in obtaining financing and to devise a strategy to overcome them.

Lennar works with some of the best credit professionals in the industry to help get the best financing available for you and make your dream of owning a new home a reality.

The Lennar Credit Counseling Program has been very successful at helping homebuyers fix incorrect information on their credit reports and increasing credit scores by developing financial strategies that are specific to each individual. Best of all, it’s totally free.

Here are the services & benefits offered by The Lennar Credit Counseling Program:

  • Credit coaching
  • Debt reduction
  • Establish positive credit
  • Detailed credit analysis
  • Handling monthly disputes
  • Make qualifying for a mortgage easier
  • Help identify errors in your credit report
  • Find ways to help you qualify for a lower interest rate
  • Provide information to help you improve your credit rating
  • Give you tips on debt reduction, establishing and using new credit and saving for down payment and closing costs

A really important and reassuring benefit of The Lennar Credit Counseling Program is that the loans secured through Universal American Mortgage Company are USDA guaranteed. What does this mean? Well, the Guaranteed Rural Housing Loans program is administered by USDA Rural Development, which serves the public through more than 800 field offices nationwide.

Sometimes, the only thing coming between a homebuyer with modest income and a new home is the down payment, or the lack thereof. If cash flow is an issue for you, there‚Äôs help—the USDA Rural Guaranteed Housing Loan Program. This is one of the only programs whereby rural, low- and moderate-income people can qualify for a loan with no down payment. Because the government guarantees the loan, lenders are more likely to help buyers because there is little if any risk. Find out today how you can own a new Lennar home with no money out of pocket!

For more information on how to enroll in The Lennar Credit Counseling Program—give us
a call today and let us help you build a better tomorrow: 877-204-9839